Two Friends


It takes many volunteers to make a Sunday worship service happen. Are you willing to help? Our needs are as diverse as the people who attend our services. Find out how you can get involved and serve others in our church family.



As a church we want to be known for our extraordinary generosity — both time and money — toward those in our local community.



We are committed to sending teams of people from Gulf Gate Church to help meet the physical and spiritual needs of at-risk families and children all around the world.


We maintain our church building. Our joy is to serve the Lord and others in our church family. We are “handy” around the house. You could even say that our skills are “through the roof” in that we enjoy carpentry, electrical, plumbing, and AC. But we could use some help in making our church building a shining example of the blessings God has given us.

Time Requirement: As needed

Coordinator: Chris LeClair


For some, serving coffee is a mere pastime. Child’s play. For this church, we are just flat-out obsessed. Coffee is a way of life. And we serve it like nobody’s business. We’ve been proudly and exclusively serving Starbuck’s Coffee for years,. And the smiles on our faces didn’t get there by accident. If you have the gift of hospitality and the Jonesing for java, then look no further for your place in the body of Christ!

Time Requirement: This team has a rotating schedule

Coordinator: Ingrid Wade


We serve as the information hub on Sunday mornings staffing the welcome cart. We answer questions, welcome guests and provide information about our church. Friendly, outgoing Jesus lovers needed.

Time Requirement: This team has a rotating schedule

Coordinator: Bill Storms


We bathe the church in prayer, praying for our staff, leadership and members as well as responding to specific prayer requests. We pray privately as we receive requests from our prayer chain. We also pray corporately, on Sunday mornings in our prayer room before worship and hold prayer meetings from time to time, as the Lord leads us. If you have a heart for prayer, please join us.

Time Requirement: As needed


We plan and coordinate church wide special events at GGC. Think of food, lots of food. We need cooks, sous chefs, bakers, decorators, strong backs and more. We love Jesus and we love to celebrate!

Time Requirement: Based on the events scheduled

Coordinator: Barb Earll


We provide short-term love and support for church members who are in need of assistance with meals as a result of hospital stays, illness or death in the family. Good cooks with warm hearts needed.

Time Requirement: As needed on rotating schedule


We connect people with church resources, classes, activities, groups and ministries. We work with staff and other GGC ministries to ensure continuity and inclusiveness for our guests, new members and the congregation.

Time Requirement: As needed

Coordinator: Chris Miller


There’s nothing better than a smiling face and a warm greeting on a Sunday morning whenever you walk into our church building. Happy people welcoming each person and handing out connection cards to help them connect with us here, that’s the ticket. If you have the gift of hospitality and friendliness; if you are a “Woo” (and if you even know what that is), you definitely want to put your gift to use here.

Time Requirement: This team has a rotating schedule

Coordinator: Bob Warringer


We are all pretty stoked about our 10-acre campus that God has so richly blessed us with. And we definitely get a kick out of taking care of it all; cutting our grass, trimming our bushes, planting flowers, edging and blowing, and more. Our God-given green thumbs are proudly held high! We want to show everyone that Gulf Gate Church is alive and well.

Time Requirement: Tuesday mornings

Coordinator: Grant Earll


We serve to promote the growth of GGC through community outreach, thereby encouraging seekers to find Jesus Christ as their personal savior. We communicate with the community about upcoming events at Gulf Gate Church through distribution of print media and personal invitation.

Coordinator: Bill Storms


Tribe is our gathering of both high school and middle school students every Wednesday night from 6:30-8:30 pm on our GGC campus. We grow deeper in our walk with Jesus and with each other. We relax, chat, hang out over a free, full-blown dinner and enjoy group activities. Then shifting gears, we spend time in powerful and passionate worship, teaching, small group discussion, and prayer.

Time Requirement: Weekly each Wednesday night

Coordinator: Roman Gritsak


Our kids love Kidzone. That’s because our Kidzone teachers are just so awesome! Each one of our teachers undergoes a screening process which includes completing an in-depth application and a criminal background check. They also go through specific training for each teacher.

Time Requirement: This team has a rotating schedule



Kid’s Hope mentors serve at Gulf Gate Elementary School, teaming up with a child who needs someone to talk to, play with, and listen. For just one hour per week, we provide
compassion, love and time to at risk kids.

Coordinator: Crystal Sherk


GGC is a missions-driven church full of ordinary people who come together for extraordinary purposes to be the hands and feet of Jesus here in Sarasota and beyond. We believe that every Jesus follower plays an intricate part in His plan.

Time Requirement: Each international trip is usually 5-7 days, while local outreaches vary.


We set up and tear down chairs, tables and other equipment to facilitate a smooth and seamless worship service on Sundays and at special events. Strong backs and servant hearts needed.

Time Requirement: This team has a rotating schedule.

Coordinator: Drew Mitchell


We love using our God-given creative juices to facilitate an atmosphere of worship, drawing our church into the very presence of God. Whether you’re a musician, audio technician, budding video guru, graphics art designer, dancer, actor, whatever your creative gift, we’d like to see you use it for the glory of God.


Assisting our neighbors with handyman/woman services, chores, and basic errands. We are looking for skilled labor, but also general help with everyday tasks like: light bulb replacement, drywall repairs, painting, yard work, screen replacement, picking up medicine or groceries.

Coordinators: Drew Mitchell, Tom Lutz, Jim Reid, Chris Miller