To ignite a passion for God in Sarasota that blazes into compassion for all people of the world.

Six Distinctive Hallmarks of Gulf Gate Church


We will strive to reach up to God as passionate worshippers in everything we do.

We will become a fellowship of passionate worshippers who daily surrender our control and our dreams to Jesus’ perfect love by making Him the “one passion” in our life that defines all other passions.


We will strive to reach out to people with Christ-like compassion.

We will become a fellowship of compassionate servants who reach out in tangible ways to help and bless all people—especially the most vulnerable in our community. Because God has shown us His great and undeserved mercy, we will strive to show unconditional mercy to all people in His name. We commit ourselves to helping the poor and needy because God has saved us when we were “poor and needy”.


We will strive to reach in to be transformed through vital spiritual training.

We affirm that Christ gives spiritual gifts to every believer so that they may contribute to the health and growth of our spiritual body.   We value every believer as a vital and functioning member of Christ’s body. In order to attain the full measure of Christ’s passion for God and compassion for people, we commit to equipping every member to be a minister through quality training and accountability.


We will strive to grow deeper through Christ-centered community.

We affirm that true faith in Jesus not only heals our relationship with God but also heals our relationships with people. Christ’s unconditional forgiveness empowers us to forgive one another. Christ’s total acceptance helps us to accept one another. Christ’s selfless commitment to us enables us to selflessly commit ourselves to one another. We believe that the best way to nurture this kind of Christ-centered community is through every member actively participating in a life group.


We will strive to grow broader through friendship evangelism.

We affirm that having true passion for God and compassion for people means wanting to introduce our unbelieving friends to Jesus. Because lost people matter to God, they also matter to us! Just as Jesus made friends with unbelievers, so we strive to build authentic, “no strings” relationships with those who do not yet know him so that they might come to believe in him.


We will strive to grow stronger by prayerfully depending more on God’s power and less upon our own strength.

We affirm that true passion for God and compassion for people comes as God’s gift to His children in answer to our believing prayers.   Therefore we will strive to become a community that prayerfully depends upon our Father for everything. We will prayerfully claim all of our Father’s promises as true. We will confidently trust that our Father’s purposes are good.   And we will wholeheartedly believe that our Father’s power is unlimited to do whatever we ask according to His will.