roman Gritsak, student pastor, youth pastor, gulf gate church, sarasota FloridaRoman Gritsak
Student and Young Adults Pastor
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  • How did you end up in SRQ: Moved from the Greater Chicago Area to take a position at Gulf Gate Church!
  • How did you end up at GGC: I graduated from Moody Theological Seminary in May 2017 and began searching for pastoral positions. I found GGC through a church staffing website, applied for youth/young adults pastor position and the rest is history!
  • 6th grade education: Gower Middle School in Burr Ridge, IL.
  • College, if any: College of DuPage (2 years), Moody Bible Institute (Bachelors) and Moody Theological Seminary (Masters).
  • Starbuck’s drink of choice: Not a Starbucks guy, I prefer to drink good coffee.
  • Culinary guilty pleasure: Various kinds of Cheesecake.
  • Pastimes: Playing backyard sports all day in the neighborhood, playing videos games all night and very little to no time on homework (still surprised I graduated from middle/high school).
  • What are you currently reading (not including the Bible): Lectures to My Students by Charles Spurgeon.
  • First job held: Caddie at Ruth Lake Country Club.
  • Favorite movies: Gladiator
  • If your life was made into a movie, what actor would portray you: Probably Macaulay Culkin because I’ve been told we look alike (especially as kids).
  • What’s your favorite sport or sports team: Huge Chicago sports fan! Love the Cubs, Bulls, Blackhawks and of course Da Bears!
  • What’s your least favorite sport: Soccer… too much cardio
  • Music recently listened to: Walk The Moon and Kygo
  • Can you juggle: Nope, I wish.
  • If you were trapped inside a wet paper bag, could you escape: Depends. A lot of things to consider. How thick is the paper? Do I have tools? How much water is in the bag?
  • A surprising fact about you: My family and I immigrated to the United States from the former Soviet Union when I was two years old. No, I’m not a sleeper KGB agent.
  • Favorite flavor ice cream: Don’t really have a favorite flavor but I love Dove milk chocolate with almonds ice cream bars.