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jenn schubert, gulf gate church, sarasota florida, children's ministry, kidzone,Jenn Schubert
Children’s Ministry Director
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  • How did you end up in SRQ: A desire for warmth and sunshine after years of cold and sunless Pittsburgh.
  • How did you end up at GGC: After an 8-month search we found GGC. Immediately the warmth and openness of the people felt like family. Sound Biblical teaching, wonderful people, and coffee. What else could you ask for in a church?
  • College: Penn State University
  • Starbuck’s drink of choice: Wait. Will I get fired if I say I don’t like Starbucks?!
  • Culinary guilty pleasure: Vegan fettuccine alfredo.
  • Pastimes: Herding children and kittens.
  • What are you currently reading (not including the Bible): Grace Based Parenting by Tim Kimmel.
  • Favorite movies: Jurassic Park, Jaws
  • If your life was made into a movie, what actor would portray you: Sorry, I don’t know the names of actors. The first person I thought of was Tom Cruise. He would be inappropriate on so many levels.
  • What’s your favorite sport or sports team: Penn State Nittany Lions!
  • What’s your least favorite sport: Baseball
  • Music recently listened to: “I Believe In Christmas” by our own Barry Johnson
  • Can you juggle: What? No. Unless you mean the schedules of two kids…
  • If you were trapped inside a wet paper bag, could you escape: Not without a GPS, my phone, a friend, a few extra minutes, and the promise of chocolate at the end.
  • A surprising fact about you: I can go days without sleep
  • Favorite flavor ice cream: So Delicious Pomegranate Chip