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Chris miller, administrative assistant, gulf gate church, sarasota Florida, from Kentucky, near siesta key beach

Chris Miller
Administrative Assistant
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  • How did you end up in SRQ: We have been coming to SW Florida for 30 years to visit my mom. When we sold our business we decided to move here to take care of her. We looked at all the communities between Tampa and Naples and fell in love with Sarasota.
  • How did you end up at GGC: Really, I believe that God called us to GGC. It was close to our home, and GGC’s Vision and Core Values matched perfectly with ours.
  • 6th grade education:Oh wow, ahhh…I went to 13 different schools in 12 years all over the East and midwest.
  • College, if any: Midwestern State University (TX) and 1 Semester at Cincinnati Christian University. No degree.
  • Starbuck’s drink of choice: Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew
  • Culinary guilty pleasure: Pistachios and Honey-crisp Apples
  • Pastimes: Biking, Kayaking and Reading
  • What are you currently reading (not including the Bible): ah…well, lets see –  The Spirit of Disciplines, Willard- Sacred Marriage, Thomas – Kingdom Man, Evans and for fun The Fated Sky (Sci-Fi).
  • First job held: Busboy, wait, does bailing hay count?
  • Favorite movies: Christmas Vacation (family tradition), one year I showed up at my brother-in-laws house with an RV, hat and dog. Good times.
  • What’s your favorite sport or sports team: NFL, The Bengals, however we are currently separated.
  • What’s your least favorite sport: ??
  • Music recently listened to: Casting Crowns and Big Daddy Weave!
  • Can you juggle: I can multi-task, but not with balls.
  • If you were trapped inside a wet paper bag, could you escape: Oh yeah, I’m claustrophobic!
  • A surprising fact about you: I got nothing, I’m boring.
  • Favorite flavor ice cream: Chocolate